Henry Ramirez Soler
Country/region: Colombia
Conflict: Socio-political armed conflict
Organisation: Corporacion Claretiana Norman Perez Bello / PROCLADE INTERNACIONAL
Field of work: Human rights, peace education, political advocacy before the UN, mediation and accompaniment to victims, follow-up to peace agreements.

A Claretian Missionary, Human Rights defender, facilitator of the Colombian peace process between the Colombian government and the rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), developer of activities focused on helping ease to the post-conflict acclimation and developing peace promoting mindsets in the affected territories. Serving as the conduit for the proposal of activities by the community for the effective implementation of the Peace Accord.
Advocating for the protection of Human Rights and peace promotion since 1994 in the region of Alto Ariari in Meta, Colombia. He studied Philosophy and literature _ in undergraduate with a Masters in Sociology from Escula de Altos Estudios de Ciencias Sociales EHESS in Paris, France.  Has spent the past 26 years supporting and implementing peace processes in  Meta, Guaviare, Choco, Vichada, Casanare_, helping families searching for lost relatives, exhuming, identification and dignified delivery of loved ones who have disappeared during the conflict. As a religious leader, he has built trust in the community of all sides involved to bridge communication and facilitate peace processes between the families of victims, la institutions, and armed groups.
Today, his role in the Claretian order’s United Nations team, in New York City, where he has served as a vocal advocate for Human Rights, the implementation of the Colombian Peace Accord, and expert in peace processes.
He has led and supported activities to promote the right of the people of Colombia to know the truth, obtain justice, piece the memory of the country and reparations for the victims of the regions of Chocó, Antioquia, Meta, and Guaviare in Colombia, all within the context of the armed conflict and the violation of Human Rights.
Supported the process of reincorporation and disarmament of the FARC members who signed the peace accord in the territory of Mesetas Meta.
He is an active member of a series of faith-based organizations that look to back the dialogue between the National Liberation Army (ELN), currently the most prominent armed group, and other peace processes with the end-goal of bringing to Colombia the wholesome Peace (“Paz Total”) that the current government of Colombia seeks.