Renas Sino
Country/region: Syria
Organisation: Tevin
Field of work: Think tank for Kurdish affairs, conflict resolution, dialogue

Renos Sino is the co-founder and CEO of TEVIN as well as the co-founder of Center for Civil Society & Democracy.

TEVIN is an independent think tank for Kurdish affairs, which seeks to provide a space for coordination and dialogue to achieve common understanding and cooperation. Together with their partners, they aim to contribute to sustainable solutions and the promotion of democracy as a comprehensive umbrella for equal and fair rights.

They believe that all individuals and ethnic groups have the right to fully enjoy the rights stipulated in he International Bill of Human Rights. They also believe that diversity and pluralism based on respect forfull and equal rights are the ideal solutions for all components of the Middle East. If people do not have justice, it is impossible to achieve lasting peace. They believe that constructive dialogue is the most
effective mechanism for reaching in-depth solutions and understanding.

They recognize that success needs equal and positive participation by all and that this can help inspire others. Therefore, the concepts of participation and inclusion are essential elements of everything they do, and that does not stop at the borders of certain countries: TEVN seeks to spread its message globally.

Kurdish affairs are at the center of their strategy. Individuals, organizations, parties, governments who work on the front lines and seek peaceful and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face, we seek to work together to bring about change.

Their focus on Kurdish affairs does not mean excluding other component issues that can also assist in promoting and strengthening democracy. They believe that pluralism and equal rights are the proper basis for building a political, economic, and socially stable Middle East. They seek to bring about change through three main ways:

1. Coordination and networking: Their members coordinate with civil society organizations, parties, the private sector,and Governments to increase mutual understanding and deepen collaboration.

2. Innovation and Solution Sharing: Their mission is to innovate for change and make use of all available resources toseek sustainable approaches and solutions to the cause of the Kurdish people in the Middle East.

3. Impact on policies: They are working to influence decision-making via increased awareness of Kurdish affairs andgreater visibility of their need through mobilization, advocacy, and innovative solutions.